100% cotton double faced mask with ties - not elastic.


Cost of each mask is approximately $2-4 depending on the "theme style" requested and shipping is about $.75.  So we decided that we would charge $7 with the act of paying it forward as our focus.  When you buy one for yourself, you are giving one to a healthcare provider as we will ship one to a facility on our list we are already helping.


This mask IS NOT a replacement for the N95.  It is designed to cover the N95 to assist in keeping the N95s cleaner a little longer so people wearing them get a little longer use out of them.


This mask can also be used by anyone to help with the droplets and such that can be transferred.


Please note that this will NOT prevent you from catching the Coronavirus, it can only be just one more tool to help you keep the impact at a minimal.

Butterflies with a Touch of Glitter Adult Cup Style